Choosing the Perfect Custom Baseball Jersey: A Helpful Guide

When it comes to supporting your local team, or just wanting a unique look, a custom baseball jersey could be what you’re looking for.

Not only do they look good, but they also spark conversations around the game, and your jersey in particular.

However, selecting the right custom baseball jersey is no easy task.

There is a plethora of custom baseball jersey styles, colors, and options available, so it’s essential to consider various factors like your team color, size, and logo or mascott placement to ensure you end up with the perfect jersey that suits your style, image, and preferences.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the key considerations for selecting the right custom baseball jersey.

If you already know the color, and style you want, then simply click here to get your custom baseball jersey on order today. Otherwise, read on, and then you’ll be ready to go!

Maybe you have a local team, maybe you are the team! But whether it’s just for you, or your new local team, you need to define your “team identity”.

Let’s look at what you need to consider as the starting block for your custom baseball jersey, and you can use this template for your Custom Football Jersey too!

Custom Green Baseball Jersey with Camo Red

1. Define Your Team Identity

Whether it’s your favorite local team, Team-You, or Team-Us, a baseball jersey is like a uniform! So before diving into the details of jersey design and materials, take some time to define your team identity.

Consider the following questions:

Team Colors: What are your team’s primary and secondary colors? Your custom baseball jersey should prominently feature these colors to represent your team effectively. The secondary color could just be the trim color or the writing color.

Logo and Mascot: Does your team have a logo or mascot? Incorporating these elements into your jersey design can create a strong visual identity. You can upload your logo or visual in a number of formats on our order page. Then, you can opt to add it to either sleeve or either side of the chest area.

Player Names: The player’s name is a prominent element of the jersey, and is an important consideration for player recognition.

By clarifying these aspects, you can narrow down your options and make more informed decisions when customizing your baseball jerseys.

2. Choose the Right Style

Baseball jerseys come in various styles, each with its own unique features.

Common styles include drift, or the more historic throwback style, the more modern fade fashion style. Or perhaps going with the Mexican flag, or just the good old USA flag.

So consider the type and cut to go along with your chosen style:

Button-Down Jerseys: These are the traditional style jerseys with buttons running down the front. They offer a classic look and are popular among professional baseball teams.

Full-Button Jerseys: Similar to button-down jerseys, full-button jerseys feature buttons on the front but may have a full-button front or only partial buttoning. These are great for teams looking for a mix of tradition and modernity.

Pull-Over Jerseys: These jerseys lack buttons and are simply pulled over the head. They are comfortable and preferred by many players.

V-Neck or Round-Neck: The neckline style can vary, with some jerseys featuring a V-neck and others a round-neck. Choose the one that your team finds most comfortable and stylish.

Sleeve Length: Decide whether you want short-sleeve or long-sleeve jerseys. This choice can depend on the climate in which your team plays.

Now we get on to the material types and options.

3. Evaluate Material Options

The choice of material is critical for comfort and performance during games. Baseball jerseys are typically made from a few different materials:

Mesh: Mesh jerseys are breathable and lightweight, making them ideal for hot weather. They provide good ventilation, which can help keep players cool.

Dri-FIT or Moisture-Wicking Fabric: These fabrics are designed to wick away sweat from the body, keeping players dry and comfortable. They are an excellent choice for hot and humid conditions.

Polyester: Polyester fabric for jerseys is very popular, they are durable and easy to maintain. They are also known for their moisture-wicking properties, making them a popular choice. A custom baseball jersey from us is 100% polyester so it’s easy to manage, versatile, and hard-wearing, as well as being breathable and quick drying!

Cotton: While less common for professional teams, cotton jerseys are comfortable and soft. They are suitable for casual or recreational baseball teams.

For teams, consider the weather conditions your team will play in, as well as the comfort of your players when selecting the material for your custom baseball jerseys.

4. Focus on Fit and Sizing

Proper fit is crucial for comfort and mobility on the field. When ordering a custom baseball jersey, it’s essential to have accurate sizing information for each player. Consider these tips:

Measurement: Have each player measured for chest, waist, and hip size. This will help you choose the right jersey size. So be sure to consult our handy size chart to know which size to order.

Consider Sleeve Length: Decide whether you want traditional short sleeves or longer sleeves. Some players have personal preferences for sleeve length.

Room for Pads: If your players wear protective gear or padding, ensure the jerseys have enough room for a comfortable fit with these additions.

A well-fitting jersey not only enhances performance but also promotes a professional appearance. Size is important to get right.

5. Personalization Options

Customization is where you can truly make your baseball jerseys unique. Here are some personalization options to consider:

Player Names: Adding player names to the back of the jerseys is common, especially in youth and amateur leagues. It helps fans identify players. Be sure to specify this when ordering.

Player Numbers: Choose a font style and size for player numbers that is both legible and visually appealing. Ensure that the numbers are easily visible from a distance. We will need this when ordering your custom baseball jersey with us.

Logo and Artwork: If you have a team logo or artwork, decide where and how to incorporate it into the jersey design. Work with our simple instructions on each order page to ensure it looks sharp and professional.

Sponsors: If your team has sponsors, consider adding sponsor logos to the jerseys instead of your own logo. Ensure that sponsor logos do not overwhelm the overall design.

Personalization options allow you to showcase your team’s unique identity and create jerseys that players and fans alike can be proud of.

Custom Orange Baseball Jersey

6. Budget Considerations

Custom baseball jerseys can vary widely in price, depending on factors like materials, customization options, and quantity.

Keep in mind that quality should not be sacrificed for cost savings, as durable jerseys will last longer and provide better value in the long run.

Consider the following budget-related factors:

Quantity Discounts: We offer discounts for ordering larger quantities of jerseys. Determine the number of jerseys you need and you will be able to see our bulk pricing options on the order page for each jersey.

Quality vs. Price: While it’s tempting to opt for the most affordable option, be cautious of extremely low-cost jerseys, as they may lack quality and durability. We’ve seen lots of jerseys that easily go out of shape, or get torn easily!

Order Spares: You’ve got a team player out of commission and then someone comes to the rescue. They’re going to need a jersey – so be sure you get some spare jerseys in your locker!

Additional Costs: Factor in any additional costs, such as our $10 logo fee to get a comprehensive view of your budget.

Long-Term Investment: Remember that investing in high-quality custom baseball jerseys can save you money in the long term, as they will likely have a longer lifespan and require fewer replacements.

Custom Baseball Jersey – Next Step!

Now that you’ve been through the process to define what your custom baseball jersey is to look like, you can go ahead and order the jersey of your favorite team, or that perfect jersey just for you!

If it’s for a team, then be sure to have each member fill in their measurement details before ordering as mistakes upon ordering cannot be rectified or refunded once ordered.

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