The Bold Blue & White – A History of Seattle Seahawks Uniforms

Seattle Seahawks are mostly known for their historical and unique jersey design that’s still consistent since their birth in 1976. After all these years, they succeed in maintaining the design consistency, with a few exceptions.

Back in 2002, they did a major revision when they moved back to Seahawks Stadium (CenturyLink/Lumen Field). Although most people would think that the color scheme for their jerseys kept the same, there were multiple changes here and there that not many of them could notice.

In this article, we’ll take you back to the history of bold and green Seattle Seahawks uniforms.

The First Blue Jersey


From 1976 to 1982, the team used the blue jerseys for the Kingdome games. It was the first one of many Seattle Seahawks uniforms. The jerseys were blue with the additional white numbers. On the other hand, the striping on the sleeves was using a combination of white and green colors.

As for the pants, they were grey with vertical striping of green-white-blue-white-green. The socks were white and added with stripes of blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue. The blue stripes were made thicker, making the design looked more bold. To complete the overall look, the players wore black cleats, although they were later changed to white in 1980.

Blue Facemasks

Blue Facemasks

Other than the jerseys, we couldn’t miss the facemasks, of course. To complete the look of their helmets, the team wore the blue facemasks. The addition was made first in 1983 and continued until 2001. Other than the facemasks, nothing was changed to their original helmets.

The Blue Jersey


After wearing the same jerseys for about 6 years, the decision was made to do a bit of revision. The 1983 revision was mostly about the sleeves. The white TV numbers that were applied to the jersey were then moved to the shoulders. As for the stripes, they were replaced with the Seahawk head logo, which was also used for the helmets.

The grey pants were still used in this era, which were the same grey pants with colorful vertical stripes. On the other hand, the cleats changed to white with the original white socks. However, an alternating version of this had the stripes removed and changed with the blue socks.

Another revision was made to the collar area of the jersey. What was originally all-blue was replaced with the stripes of blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue. Right below the collar, the NFS Shield logo was later added in 1991.

The 1985 season marked the 10th anniversary of the Seahawks. And yes, during this moment, they made a special revision that we would consider major. The first one was for the pants. The Seahawks pants were added with the anniversary logo.

Another logo, which was the 75th NFL anniversary logo, was also added to the home and road jerseys. This revision was made in 1994. At a certain point of the season, the Seahawks were seen wearing their original jerseys, although the grey facemasks were absent.

Entering the 2000 season, they did another logo addition to the jerseys. This time it was the 25th Seahawks anniversary patch.

The White Jerseys


Aside from the blue jerseys, the Seahawks were also known for their iconic white jerseys. They also made some changes to the white jerseys in addition to the blue. The first one was done in 1983, the same year they made revisions to the blue jerseys.

During this time, the TV numbers (in blue) were moved from the sleeves to the shoulders. Additionally, the stripes on the sleeves were replaced with the head logo design seen on the helmets.

As for the pants, they remained the same just like in the blue jerseys. The vertical stripes were still there until they made major revisions in later seasons. The cleats were white with white socks and alternating color stripes. Again, these stripes were later changed with the blue socks.

Around the collar area, the all-white yoke was replaced with another striping sequence of green-white-blue-white-green. In 1991, the NFL shield logo was added eventually.

The Birth of Blue Helmet

2002 is probably the year fans always remember as The Seahawks made revisions many would consider radical. As they moved back into the NFC West, there were several changes made, especially to the helmets.

What they did was create this new navy blue helmet with a darker blue facemask. As the team used new colors, they also redone the totemic Seahawk logo. During this time, the original Kelly Green was replaced by the Seahawks Blue. They created the logo to look more brave and intimidating, especially with the new hooked beak.

The original silver helmet, however, was still used although they made some changes to the logo. The logo was wrapped around the back and separated right in the middle. The team originally wanted to use two different helmets for their jersey alterations, but declined later by the NFL. Therefore, they used the new Seahawk logo with a navy blue facemask and silver helmet.

The New Blue Jersey


Entering the year 2002, the Seahawks used the new home jersey in all blue. The blue color dominated both the jerseys and pants. To make the lettering more clear to read, the numbers were added in white and then trimmed with navy blue.

The navy blue was also used for the sleeves of lower jerseys, the color was made to be darker than the other jerseys. Meanwhile, the collar area was decorated in stripes. The stripes were navy-green-navy. Of course, there was also the NFL shield logo right at the bottom. Just below it, there was the word “Seahawks” that looked nice, especially with the new typeface.

The stripes were also present in the blue pants. They were navy-green-navy, a similar concept that was also used for the jersey. The regular blue pants were later changed into navy blue in the latter seasons. The striping on the new pants was blue-green-blue.

To complete the look, the team wore white socks and black cleats. From 2002-2011, Seahawks also occasionally wore blue tops and navy pants.

The New White Jersey


Besides the blue jerseys, the white jerseys also received several changes over the years. Starting from the year 2002, the Seahawks used the white uniforms as their road jerseys. The white color was used for both the jerseys and pants, with the numbering in blue.

The white jerseys weren’t completely white. The sleeves were in blue and added with the mini Seahawk head logo. As for the collar stripes, the colors were navy-green-navy. Additionally, the NFL shield logo was put right at the bottom of the collar, and the Seahawks wordmark below it.

The stripes were also present in the pants with the same model as the collar. Aside from the white pants, the team was also seen occasionally wearing navy and blue pants at various events on the road.

With the newly designed jerseys, the team also wore black cleats and white socks to solidify the look. The white jersey and blue pants combo became their most used outfit for the road games, especially in 2002 and 2009.

The 2006 Super Bowl XL

Entering the year of 2006 when Super Bowl XL happened, The Seahawks used their iconic blue jerseys and pants for the event. The date was the 6th of February 2005 in Fort Field of Detroit.

As one of many competing teams, the Seahawks also wore the commemorative patch on their jerseys, although unfortunately, the team didn’t win.

The Green Jersey


After three years solid with no changes at all, the Seahawks finally made another addition to their jerseys by using the green jersey. It was the first and the only time they wore something that wasn’t white or blue. This event happened back on September 27, 2009, during a match against Chicago Bears. The game was won by the visiting team, Chicago Bears.

Many people might not like the idea of green jerseys due to the visual alone, or the historical trauma behind it. However, the jerseys do like nice today, especially when combined with navy. The green jerseys unfortunately didn’t last long as they were soon retired.

The Latest Design


In 2012, Nike took over the NFL team uniforms, and the Seahawks were one of those who got the radical changes. Using the previous ideas, the Seahawks came up with the ideas of Wolf Grey, College Navy, and Action Green.

The redesign also added a unique pattern as an honor to the team’s 12th Man that was used for the jersey numbers, legs, and helmets.

The Design People Like The Most

Each jersey design surely has its uniqueness that makes it special. But, people still have their thoughts over what design they like the most. Seeing the many ideas that the Seahawks have been using for their jerseys, it might not be easy to consider which one of the designs is the best.

But by seeing how the people’s reception, it can be concluded that the favorite is the iconic Blue Jersey and Silver Pant combo that was used back in 1983 to 2001. This slightly upgraded version of the original features several notable changes, including the addition of the Seahawks logo. The silver pants and helmets just look nice when combined with the jerseys. This unique look is what people love about the Seahawks. Even now when we have the Wolf Grey, many fans think that this combo is irreplaceable.

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